January Housekeeping
Published On: January 11, 2023

Herbs in the garden in January in Maine means we’re doomed. But doomed is more fun with herb-y brown butter rice krispie treats than without them, so I might as well have a snack.

I made these on stories the other day and a shocking number of you suddenly found yourselves overcome by a heretofore unsuspected longing for them.

The general procedure is ‘make rice krispie treats, but toast your cereal with handfuls of herbs, use browned butter also with herbs, and use way more butter and marshmallow than the box tells you to.’ But should you want the longer, more hand-holdy version (as well as some info on what’s coming later this month), it’s up as part of January’s general housekeeping post over on patreon (it’s a public post, anyone should be able to see it).

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