Still shoddy
Published On: February 14, 2023

Another day, another shoddy sweater from Madewell that fell apart way too soon. This one has a massive elbow blow out after three wears.⁠

Clothes shouldn’t do this. A competently made sweater should last longer than this.⁠

Someone is for sure going to ask why I have so many of Madewell’s sweaters if they’re such crap. It’s because I bought a bunch of the exact same sweaters at the beginning of the winter before I knew they were trash.⁠

I do this a lot because I have a wobbly brain that is Very Fucking Particular about clothes (fabric content, cut, fit, and texture are all tricky for me). Plus I’m fat! So finding something that works for my body and my brain is hard. When I find something I like, I tend to buy three to five of the Exact Same Thing and just wear them to death.⁠

Which usually works great! But this time, it’s biting me in the butt, because all these sweaters I bought from Madewell have fallen to rags after just a few wears.⁠

And I’m mending them (you’ll see more of that over the next few weeks, and you can see more of this one over on instagram now). Because I like mending! And I don’t want to have to replace them. And I want to show folks that mending isn’t as hard as you think.⁠

And I’m talking really bluntly about how bad these are so other people can avoid my fate. Because wow oh wow should I not HAVE to mend holes like this after three wears.⁠

This sweater is falling apart because Madewell used what they call recycled cashmere, as part of their Do Well program which they claim makes their products “better for the planet, better for it’s people.” But I’m pretty sure a sweater that falls apart the third time you wear it isn’t good for anyone except the people selling it.⁠

And I’m mad about it.

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