Wanna play?
Published On: February 19, 2023

Psst, this is going out on Tuesday!

Remember the hat? The sweet little hat with the embroidery on it that came out at the very end of January? And remember how I told you I’m naturally inclined to want to play with a zillion different variations of things like that? And how spent all last year making a bunch of big changes to my business to let me do exact that sort of play?

Yup, well, this is what happens when that all works out. Utter Nonsense and Rampant Nonsense folks will find a lovely little ebook with my explorations of this stitch in their inboxes Tuesday!

The stand alone hat pattern included the simplest variation of the embroidery (the two color version in one spacing). You can see it on the purple hat.

The ebook going out on Tuesday will have two, four, and six color versions of the embroidery, each in two different spacings, plus offset versions of all of those, a quick run down on duplicate stitch, and a bit of extra info to help you feel confident putting these all over whatever knits you’ve got hanging around wanting to be embellished. You can see those on the gray sampler pieces.

Because I suspect I can’t be the only one who wants to play!

The ebook will be exclusive to Utter Nonsense and Rampant Nonsense folks (those are the $6 and $12 levels) through the end of April.

Some version of it will probably eventually be available elsewhere later. If I remember. And feel like it. And get around to it. So no promises, because we all know I tend to be distracted by Shiny New Things. But probably?

Though, real talk, whatever format I release it in later will absolutely cost significantly more than a month’s patreon membership does. So if cost is a concern, this is for sure the least expensive way to get a copy of the ebook. And just so no one worries, it’s totally fine to join for a while, get the ebook (and all the other nifty stuff that comes with membership, there are at least two pattern you’ll get too), then change or cancel it later. I won’t mind. Hell I won’t even know. So don’t fret.

But, for everyone who shares my need for Just One More Option, this will be out Tuesday! Head over here if you want it.

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