Get stuffed
Published On: March 15, 2023

There’s a voice in my head that is constantly warning me that Someone In Charge is going to show up any second now, get right up in my face, and demand I explain myself. Insist I justify my choices. Require that I convince them that I am Normal and Trustworthy and Reasonable.

But here’s the thing…that never ever ever happens. It just doesn’t.

No one is ever going to knock on my door, tell me they received a report that I knit something useless and absurd, and make me account for this scandalous waste of time. If this were gonna happen, it would have happened by now.

So, instead of worrying about that, I’m just making stuff that amuses me. And sometimes? Sometimes that stuff is mushrooms. Tiny, round, perfect little mushrooms. Because they amuse me. And I don’t need any other reason.

If you’re also subject to the dire warnings of that particular head voice, I cordially invite you tell it to get stuffed and make something just because you love it. Not because it’s useful, not because you need it. Just because it will make you grin every time you see it.

If mushrooms would do the trick, these are called Foraged. I promise they are scandalously useless, utterly impractical, and completely delightful! The voice in your head would hate them.

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