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Published On: March 24, 2023

Every month I write a post saying “abortions are good!” and send a donation to Aid Access to support their work providing abortion pills to people who need them.⁠

And every month, a few folks clutch their pearls and reach for their smelling salts and pretend they don’t understand what I mean when I say abortions are good. So let’s talk about it!⁠

Abortion is good in the way lots of other healthcare is good. Abortion is good in the way getting a suspicious mole removed is good or getting an inflamed appendix removed is good or getting a cavity filled is good or getting a broken ankle set is good.⁠

It’s not going to be anyone’s idea of the most fun thing ever. But then, most healthcare isn’t actually super fun. ⁠

It’s great if you never happen to need one. Just like it’s great if you never happen to need a mole removed or need your appendix out or need a filling or need a cast.⁠

But chances are, at some point in your life you will need some kind of healthcare. And whether that’s antibiotics or a cast or a filling or surgery or an abortion, it’s good to have that care.⁠

No one’s saying abortions are good the same way chocolate cake or sparkly nail polish or unicorn stickers or spring flowers are good. If you insist on pretending that’s what I mean when I say abortions are good, well, that sure is a choice. ⁠

But it is absolutely good that we have a way for people to have safe, effective abortions when they need them. And it’s good for people who need them to be able to access that care.⁠

Alas, not everyone feels that way. Many states have abortion bans in place, and more are underway. There’s a case underway right now in Texas that puts medication abortion at risk for /everyone/ in the US (not just folks in Texas). The situation is bad and getting worse.⁠

Luckily, Aid Access can help. They will mail abortion pills to people in all 50 states. Abortion pills are safe and effective. You can order them now, even if you’re not pregnant, just to have on hand in case you ever need them.⁠

Because abortion is healthcare, and healthcare is good. And I want you to be able to access the care you need. Even if the state doesn’t.⁠

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