Extra Crispy
Published On: April 1, 2023

April Fools’ Day Sale! Use the code NO FOOLING for 30% off any of the patterns for tiny, ridiculous things!⁠

⁠Official bits, just for the avoidance of confusion:⁠⁠

    • This is for today only (it ends at 11:59pm, EDT, April 1, 2023).⁠
    • ⁠It covers the patterns for tiny things that aren’t really intended to be worn by humans (that’s Bedeck, Bookmarked, Chimney, Dispatch, Ensorcellment, Foraged, Hoard, Palpitation, Scintillation, Shiversome, Tufted, and Unspooled).⁠
    • ⁠It works on both Ravelry and Payhip.⁠
    • ⁠As always, if you get email from me (either from the mailing list or patreon), go check your email first, there’s always a better version of any sale thing waiting for you there (yes, if you join the patreon now you’ll still be able to see the better code on today’s post, it’s for 50% off instead of 30% if you want to do that math and figure out which works best for you)!⁠⁠

Oh, and someone is for sure going to ask, so no, there is no pattern for the…objects…in the top picture. They’re just something I did when I was trying to learn brioche to practice various sorts of increases and decreases. ⁠

Then it turned out they looked shockingly, perhaps even alarmingly, like strips of bacon. Which was more amusing than it had any right to be. So I kept them around (the urge to put one in a cookbook and use it as a bookmark is almost overwhelming). ⁠

And, while I am generally quite immune to pranks or other April Fools’ Day shenanigans (they are so often mean, and I have a hard time finding mean things funny), today did seem like one of the few times it would be appropriate to show you a pile of knitted strips of bacon.⁠

Go forth, knit tiny nonsense, be extra careful about believing anything you read online today, and if you must play pranks, please make sure they’re kind!

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