Let’s block these…
Published On: April 10, 2023

Ok, so a fair number of folks get kiiiiiinda up in their heads over blocking. And I need to wash & block these today. So I’m just going to do it live.⁠

Keep an eye on instagram stories for what’s going on, I’ll keep filling them in over the course of the day (and may? possibly? maybe? come back and update the post, but no promises).⁠

But step 1, throw it in a sink full of cool water (use a bowl if your sink is dirty).⁠

Step 2, if you have it, add a tiny tiny drop of a no rinse wool wash (I’m using Eucalan, I alternate between it and Soak depending on what’s handy).⁠

Step 3, leave it alone for a bit till it gets all the way wet (squeeze it a few times to get it wet faster).⁠

Step 4, drain the water, if it was really filthy, maybe fill it and drain it again.

Step 5, squeeze out the excess water, first in your fist, then by rolling it in a towel and pressing on it.

Step 6, smooth it over something…hat form, bowl, the counter, whatever. Just smooth it out.

Step 7, set it somewhere warm to dry. All the way dry. No really, all the way, even if you’re impatient.

That’s it…that’s literally it. Again, if you’re seeing this today, you can look at the stories for more, but it very literally took me longer to explain it out loud in the video or type it here than it took to actually do it.

It’s not hard.

You don’t need a ton of stuff (water, maybe soap if you want, somewhere to set damp knitting, pretty short list).

And it makes your knitting look so damn much better it’s not even funny.

You should block your knits, you just should. You don’t have to! But you should.

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