Published On: April 20, 2023

Oh, oh this is getting ever closer to done.⁠ This is that little…needlebook? toolcase? (I’m not honestly sure they have an agreed upon name?) that I’ve been playing with for a bit. ⁠(You can watch a video of it where I open and close it and talk about what’s going on over on instagram.)

I’m far enough along in prototyping this that it was time to load it up and see what to tweak next. And it’s not quite done just yet, but it’s close enough that I can tell I’m going to love it!⁠

My general plan for this is that it ends up as thing for folks on patreon. You’d get a couple of templates (to work for the sizes of the most readily available materials), plus instructions on how to fold them up and put them together, along with some discussion of materials and some options for modifications. Think sort of like what my knitting patterns are like, except instead of knitting something you’re making it out of a different material (though, um, there might be a plan to incorporate some knitting into this at some point if I don’t get distracted in the meantime).⁠

What do you think, would that be fun? I mean I’m going to keep tweaking it until I have exactly what I want just for my own personal use because my brain is like that! But should I write it up so you can make them too?

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