Published On: May 5, 2023

Monsieur Levon and Miss Fizzy have graciously assisted me in The Washing Of The Sweaters.* If you wish to read a lengthy exegesis on the process, including how often I wash my sweaters, what goes in a load, why I regard my washing machine as a glorified sink, and what detergent to never ever ever use on wool (or god forbid listen to me talk about the process while I wave dirty laundry in your face), you can do so! ⁠

Alas, it does not fit in an instagram post. Not by a long shot. (And, because of how the internet works these days, the blog posts and instagram posts are more or less the same thing, sigh, yes this breaks my heart a bit.) Look I grew up in a different era of the internet…an era where people just wrote stuff in their own spaces with an absolutely staggering disregard for any algorithm or the space constraints of a third party platform or even the attention span of their audience. And I’m naturally inclined to be a wordy bitch. These things are bound happen.⁠

However, if you wander over here, you can find it. ⁠

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go giggle about how I’m literally airing my dirty laundry on the internet…for work. Oh the scandal. Never let it be said I’m not easily amused. ⁠

*Yes, this means if it snows this weekend, it’s my fault, my apologies.

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