Published On: May 10, 2023

How about a little close up of what I mean when I say reversible! These are the two sides of the crown on Correlation. I knit the silly thing and I still have trouble convincing my brain they’re the same piece of fabric!

This is also a perfect time to talk a bit about weaving in your ends neatly. I confess I always try to weave mine in neatly because I find it unreasonably soothing to more or less make them disappear (at least until I need to unpick an end, at which point I curse my obsession with being tidy), but it’s especially important with reversible things.

My go to move with hats is always to go through the live stitches at the top of the hat two or three times to secure them (and to keep the stitches up at the top there from looking all scraggly and empty), then duplicate stitch over several (at least 6-8, but more is fine, especially if your yarn is slippery) stitches. If it’s available, I like to end in a purl ditch.

Then I trim my yarn short (leaving about an inch or so behind) but not quite flush with the fabric. Then I block the hat and trim the end down flush once it’s blocked.

I think the result is pretty darn invisible (take a look, can you find the end?) and doesn’t interrupt the fancy business going on up there!

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