Published On: May 16, 2023

In all fairness, I did tell you it was rather delightful. I mean it isn’t done at this point! There’s a good bit more to come. But I admit to being quite taken with it. ⁠

As with most of the embroidered projects, part of the joy of them is how flexible they are. ⁠

Here I’m using three colors (the darkest for the brim and some of the embroidery, the next lightest for the body of the hat, and the lightest for the rest of the embroidery). But you can absolutely use fewer colors (one for the body of the hat and one for everything else) or lots and lots more (a different one for every row of embroidery would be amazing). And as usual with embroidery, it’s the perfect place to use up little scraps from other projects. ⁠

This one is off with testers now, and it’s been absolutely fantastic to see what they’ve come up with! ⁠

It should be out quite soon (later this month, assuming no unforeseen catastrophes in the next few days), so you can totally start rummaging through your stash and scraps bin now to plan!

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