Monthly Reminder
Published On: May 18, 2023

Every month I write a post saying “abortions are good!” and send a donation to Aid Access to support their work providing abortion pills to people who need them.⁠

Next month marks a year since Roe v Wade was overturned—a year since I, and every other person in this country who can get pregnant, lost a little more of our bodily autonomy, a little more of our personhood.⁠

If I think too long about the harm that’s been done in a year and the harm that’s yet to come, I despair. Writing these posts and making these donations every month is a selfish act. I do it to make myself feel a tiny bit better in the face of that despair.⁠

Because I cannot fix this. But I can damn well make sure anyone who follows me knows they have options.⁠

So, in preparation for next month’s shameful anniversary, and to selfishly stave off some of my own despair, I’m putting together a Q&A post with answers to the most common questions I’ve gotten about abortion pills since I stared writing these posts. I’ll also have a list of my favorite sources for accurate, reliable, unbiased information and places to get help if you need it. (Because let’s be real here, I write knitting patterns. I’m not a doctor or a lawyer. But I am pretty damn good at gathering and distilling information. And that tends to be a useful skill.)⁠

So here’s where you come in! If you have questions about abortion pills or medication abortion, leave them in the comments on this post on instagram or patreon (it’s a public post, anyone can see it, you don’t have to be subscribed). I can’t promise I’ll answer them all (and again, neither a doctor nor a lawyer), but I’ll do my best to answer the most common ones and provide resources to learn more in next month’s post.⁠

Because knowledge is power.⁠ And there are rather a lot of you.⁠ So let’s make sure you all know your stuff!⁠

(As always, there is the strongest possible ‘don’t be a chowderhead’ warning on this post. I and any space I moderate will always be strongly pro abortion. If that offends you, don’t follow me here or anywhere else.)

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