Published On: May 23, 2023

Expound is out on both ravelry and payhip! It’s a perfect way to turn little bits of leftover yarn into something absolutely magical, and it’s 15% off with the code STITCHED for the first few days it’s out.

Look, no one is more surprised than me. But it turns out, the way to get me to enjoy relatively simple knitting (this is almost all stockinette worked in the round, and you can’t get much simpler than that) is to let me embroider all over it the very moment I’m finished knitting. Somehow this takes something I used to regard as a chore (stockinette? really? but I’ll get bored?!?) and turns it into a pleasant diversion I undertake before the real fancy business starts.

That’s not to say I don’t need a little bit of distraction along the way (that little stripe marching up the side and the starburst at the top are more entertaining than they have any right to be), but we all know the embroidery is the star of the show here.

And don’t worry, I know it looks a tiny bit daunting. But it’s shockingly easy. No really, you make a couple of rows of backstitching to give yourself a framework. Then weave that lattice between the rows (and seriously, the lattice is precisely two steps, repeated over and over again). You can absolutely do this, even if you’ve never embroidered anything in your life. Just be prepared, because it seems to be rather habit forming!

Once again, the pattern is called Expound, it’s up on both ravelry and payhip, and you can use the code STITCHED for 15% off through Friday, May 26 (as always, check your email first if you get email from me).

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