A general plan
Published On: July 5, 2023

Ok, so I’m feeling a general plan for these. Yeah, the mitts will come back as a pattern, and yeah I wanna do a hat to match. But I also sort of want to talk about the nerdy parts of that stitch. Like the mechanics of it. ⁠

Because you see, once you understand HOW it goes together, it’s really easy to, say, make it wider or narrower. Like maybe wider for a hat or narrower for a sock.⁠

And you see how it started off with ribbing and then the stitch pattern sort of phased in? Well there’s a way to do that on the other end so that you phase back out of it into ribbing as well.⁠

And there is, I strongly suspect, some sort of tidy way to introduce increases and decreases in pattern. Though that one may prove tedious, so no promises. (But if it did work, it would make for a lovely cowl, especially if you did a super wide version like I was talking about above and had it sort of melt in and out of the ribbing and oh…oh it would be fun.)⁠

And I think…I think but I’m not sure…that there’s a fairly manageable way to make Just One of the ridges of stitches be in a different color, and see how it travels over the course of the stitch and oh, oh wouldn’t that be fun to see? Because I kind of think that would be fun to see…⁠

All of which is the long way of saying I’m going to be playing with this for a bit. And some of it will come out as patterns and some of it will come out as something for the You Know Where, but I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the weeks to come!⁠

Oh and someone will wonder, so it’s the orange mohair from Haute Knit Yarn and the multicolored pinkish single from Seven Sisters Arts that I got at the fiber frolic last month (proper base/color names are in an earlier post if you scroll back). I have another skein of each base in related colors, and I suspect I’ll just be mixing & matching them across projects and swatches for the next little while!⁠

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