Shiny Objects
Published On: July 15, 2023

So I’m in one of those phases where I have A Whole Lot of Projects, all at various stages of completion, yet somehow all I want to do is Start New Thiiiiiiiiiings.

Like this guy. This guy that’s all the way knit, and which I actually wrote the whole pattern for, charts and all, and then…sort of forgot about? Because I was distracted by the new shiny somewhere between here and there? Because my brain can apparently just do that if I’m not careful?

It’s time to tidy some of that up!

There’s a testing call up for this over on Patreon (they’re always on public posts, and anyone is welcome to volunteer, you absolutely do not have to be subscribed to do that, but doing the testing calls over there works out better for me these days, so I’ll be doing that for the foreseeable future), and I’ll be taking the hat out for some proper photos the next time outside stops feeling like satan’s swampy armpit.

And I suspect I’ll be spending some of this weekend doing a bit of an office tidy and collecting some of the other projects that are shockingly close to done and seeing if I can’t sort of gently nudge them along a bit.

I mean I’m still me, so no promises. But I bet there are a few things just waiting for photos!

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