Worth waiting for
Published On: July 30, 2023

Ok now this? This was worth waiting for! The Constellate hat always wanted some mitts to go with it, but making a thumb grow nicely out of that stitch seemed hard back when that hat came out.⁠

But one of the cool things about coming back to favorite projects somewhere down the road is that, if you’re very lucky, you got better at stuff over the intervening time. And now doing thumbs on these seemed easy and fun. And, well, I’m awfully pleased with them, even if it does feel a bit scandalous to just come right out and say it!⁠

Mitt pattern should be going up for testing some time in the not too distant future, keep an eye over on patreon if you’re so inclined (testing calls are always on public posts, you absolutely do not have to be subscribed to test, it’s just the easiest way for me to find a good testing pool these days, so that’s where I’m doing initial testing calls for the foreseeable future)!

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