The Opposite of Suspense
Published On: August 9, 2023

Remember how I said I used yesterday’s yarn math all the dam time? Yeah, it’s how I knew I totally had enough yarn on hand to do a second version of this hat.

And yeah, spoiler alert, if you look at yesterday’s picture you can see I totally did and said hat is indeed already finished. But wow was it nice to work on it knowing, deep in my truest heart, that I would not be running out of yarn half an inch from the end of the hat.

Because I’m sorry. Life in 2023 is stressful enough. I do not need Yarn Suspense in any form right now. I need whatever the opposite of Yarn Suspense is. I need guaranteed happy endings thank you very much.

Link right here, should you find yourself wanting to do the tiniest bit of math to reduce your own yarn suspense.

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