August Housekeeping
Published On: August 31, 2023

August’s housekeeping post is up. This month is cranberry nut bread. I use the word ‘bread’ here because then it’s more acceptable to spread butter on it and have it for breakfast, though ‘cake’ might be a more accurate term if we were going for unsparing moral accounting of our deeds. But hey it works for the muffin/cupcake dichotomy, so why not.⁠

Details on the snack I am most likely to offer you if you show up at my house on short notice, plus what’s coming and going on patreon over the next few weeks are all in the post (it’s public, anyone can see it). You might also find a sneak peek at an alarmingly cute knitted penguin. You know, just in case that’s your jam.⁠

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