Bad at restraint
Published On: September 15, 2023

Did I mention about how I’m…not known for my restraint? Because there’s sort of an accidental bonus version of this hat…

Well, sort of. It’s the same nifty fancy stitch as on Constellate, just offset and worked on stockinette instead of lined up in columns and worked on ribbing, and with a rolled brim instead of a folded brim.

Because again, bad at restraint. And generally entranced by variations.

That’ll be going out on Patreon as a little bonus some time next week (you know, assuming this hurricane doesn’t do anything nefarious to me/my house/my life this weekend). Because the whole point of patreon is to give me the time and space to wander off and explore things like this, and in return, the folks over there get to play with whatever happens as a result!

How about you, do you like coming up with new iterations of favorite patterns/projects? Or do you like to find something you love and stick with it? Both have a certain appeal, and I’ve been known to do both with a certain abandon…

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