Small smugnesses
Published On: October 9, 2023

I am, much to my surprise, currently…sewing something. And I find myself with a question for those of you who sew more than me. ⁠

How do you decide how which bits of leftover fabric to keep and which ones to throw away? Not what size do you keep, because I suspect that’s actually pretty variable (I know it is for me and yarn). But like what factors do you take into consideration when you’re deciding?

And do you trim your fabric down so what’s left is closer to being a regular shape? Or do you just leave all those little strips and pointy bits that are just a couple inches wide and make folding up the leftovers seem impossible?⁠

And just as a preemptive disclaimer, I make absolutely no promises that you’ll ever see the finished object. I’m still new enough at this that all I can see is the things I want to do better next time, and I never like sharing work when it’s in that state. ⁠However I am absolutely delighted to report that the little knitted spools of thread actually do come in handy for managing fabric/pattern pieces and catching pins, so at least I get to feel smug about that. Even if I am feeling very much like a beginner at sewing in general.⁠

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