Deeply Personal
Published On: November 7, 2023

I would never dream of telling anyone how toasted to take their marshmallow. That is a deeply personal matter and something only you can decide. But I will tell you the best way I’ve found to simulate various levels of toasting on your knitted marshmallows.

The secret seems to be floof. Laceweight floof. Several different shades of laceweight floof.

These are all made with the same base yarn (you can see it on the right there). It’s some sort of thick, fluffy, marshmallow colored delight from Juniper Moon Farm (the tag is nowhere to be found, I have no idea precisely what). Then each marshmallow has two strands of some sort of silk and mohair laceweight floof held alongside the base yarn to lend it color.

Here you see what they look like with two strands of white, two of cream, two of copper, and two of dark brown (alas, again, I do not have any of the labels, these are all just from the scraps bin). But you can get even finer gradations by mixing the floof (like one strand of cream and one of copper to get something between solid cream or solid copper).

The laceweight is thin enough that you can add in several strands to get the shade just right without substantially changing your fabric. And just holding them together is much easier than duplicate stitching over The Whole Thing when you’re done (even I, a devout fan of duplicate stitch, have my limits…and that is one of them).

(As a reminder, there will be a pattern later this month. But it won’t be for sale. So you’re gonna wanna be sure you’ve set up one of those things where I occasionally send you email if you suspect you’ll be needing these.)


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