Last Call
Published On: November 27, 2023

Today’s the last day for the retired patterns. Well ok, so technically, they’re up until I sit down Tuesday morning and start taking them down. But that takes a couple of hours, and I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll start (other than ‘after a fortifying breakfast’) much less when I’ll be done (which is largely dependent on how distractable I am tomorrow…and I am prone to shiny squirrel syndrome). Oh and also time zones are a thing.

Could be 10 in the morning, could be 2 in the afternoon. So the safest thing for me to say is ‘they’re up through Monday.’

So, if there’s one you’ve been wanting, today’s the day. And if you’re all set, then I officially invite you to tuck up with some hot chocolate, your current audio book, a benevolent kitten supervisor, and your least challenging knitting project and spend the day in as cozy a fashion as possible.

Info on how this works on the last few posts if you need it, but my guess is you’ve already seen it and I can’t actually quite bring myself to post it again. Because I mean really…that’s time that could be better spent holding a cat.

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