Published On: November 29, 2023

I love the thing where you hide that first row of purls so you don’t get the little purl bumps in a contrasting color when you switch yarns. ⁠

⁠Like, it’s absolutely and completely optional. It serves no practical purpose whatsoever, and literally nothing bad happens if you don’t bother. But if you do want to bother, you can. ⁠

And knitting is just full of little spots like that where you can take an extra moment and be fiddly and get everything just so if you want to. And I swear that’s the key to keeping my brain engaged in something long term. Give me places where you can make teeny tiny changes to make it just a tiny bit more polished, and I’ll just hang out there forever. ⁠

That’s Seven Sisters Arts’ downright luminous yarn there, and you’ll be seeing more of it in the days to come!

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