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Published On: November 30, 2023

When we get to vote, Americans overwhelmingly support protecting and expanding abortion access. In the year and a half since a handful of Supreme Court justices restricted the bodily autonomy of half the country’s population, voters in at least seven states (including red states like Ohio) have voted in favor of abortion access.

That’s because most of us realize that we want to be able to decide for ourselves if we want to be pregnant. Most of us want our doctors to be able to help us if we or a loved one have a medical emergency while pregnant. Even if a handful of very loud chowderheads want something else. So when you give us the chance to vote, most of us will vote to protect ourselves and others.

Folks in several states are going to have the opportunity to vote directly on abortion access next year (and folks in every state will have the opportunity to vote on it indirectly, because you know as well as I do that well voting for republicans is almost certainly voting against abortion access).

So what can you do? First, find out if your state is working to get something on the ballot. If it is, do what you can to support it. Often it’s as simple as signing up to say you’d like to see the question on the ballot.

Then make sure you’re registered to vote and get registered if you’re not. Yeah, I know, it’s early. But a lot of places have changed the rules lately and it’s worth checking.

Because when get to vote, we vote in favor of increased abortion access. So let’s make sure we have things to vote on and that we all show up every single time we get the chance.

Every month I write a post saying “abortions are good!” and send a donation to Aid Access to support their work providing abortion pills to people who need them. You can order abortion pills online from anywhere in the US (and from many places in the rest of the world). Aid Access will help you pay for them if you can’t afford them. You can order them now, even if you’re not pregnant, to have on hand just in case you need them later.

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