Math problem
Published On: December 2, 2023

Ok, so this feels suspiciously close to knitting a math problem. But in that nifty way where you’re pretty sure someone with more formal math training than you would say something clever about it, but you absolutely don’t need to know how any of that works in order to make/use/enjoy it.

You can just knit for a bit and then fold it up just so and then play with/wear it and go huh, well, isn’t that nifty.

Though I do currently have the weirdest set of tabs up in my browser trying to figure out the right actual math words to say what’s happening in the finished shape. But really. That bit’s optional. I swear by all that’s woolly that it will look totally normal, even borderline boring when it’s done.

Even if it looks really really really weird for a moment in the middle.

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