Not tidy
Published On: December 18, 2023

Ok so something was bugging me. There were a handful of spots on this hat where the stitches just aren’t quite as tidy as I want them to be. Not horrible…but just not tidy. ⁠

And look, they’d probably block out. And they’re certainly the sort of thing that literally no one else will ever notice (despite fears to the contrary, people just do NOT come up to strangers on the street and say ‘I noticed some slight irregularities in the texture of your hat and am scandalized, explain yourself at once’).⁠

But they’re bugging me.⁠

And, in large part because the hat is made with such gigantic yarn, they won’t be that hard to fix. All I’ll need to do is run down the columns of purl stitches and ladder them back up as twisted purls instead. That will tighten up the loose spots and make the whole thing much more even. I suspect I’ll like the folded up brim more with twisted purls too (the original had a straight brim, so I didn’t twist them, but on a folded brim I do tend to think a twisted purl looks a bit crisper). ⁠

My guess is it will take an hour or two max. ⁠And I’m pretty sure it’s ridiculous! But I’m also pretty sure I’ll never wear the hat if I don’t. ⁠So…let’s fix a hat.

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