Published On: January 9, 2024

That pretty little bit of business? The one with the speckles & the big fat yarn? The one I knit in two sittings? It’s out! It’s called Semblance, and you can find it on ravelry and payhip.

This is one of those magical patterns that looks so much more complicated than it is. That fancy stitch? Yeah, it’s precisely five stitches wise and two rows tall. And if you’ve ever worked even the most basic increases and decreases, you’ve totally already got the skills you need to work it (though of course, it’s all explained in frankly alarming detail in the pattern, because that’s just how I am).

But really, this one is so much easier than it looks. You’ll feel So Damn Smug when you make it!

Plus it looks awesome in big giant yarn, so you can bang one out in a couple of hours (though, also of course, there are a whole bunch of gauge options in the pattern, so if you want to do it in thinner yarn you can, because that’s also just how I am). You know, in case it suddenly got awfully chilly where you are and you find yourself wanting to cast on a hat. Because you’re cold, but you’re also a knitter, so sometimes your brain thinks casting on a new hat is the quickest way to warm up.

Once again, it’s on ravelry and payhip. Or, if you’re on the Rampant Nonsense level on patreon, it’s included free with your membership! If not try the code PRETENSE for the first few days it’s out for a little something off. Though as always, if you’re one of those folks who gets messages from me when new things come out, do check your mail first! Same thing if you had an earlier version of this, you’ll have the new one there waiting for you already.

Because really…you could totally be wearing this tomorrow afternoon. And that would be a pretty nifty way to start the new year!

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