Assembly line
Published On: January 16, 2024

It’s a strawberry assembly line over here, and I suspect it maybe the same at your house in the not too distant future, so let’s run down what you need to make these!

I must, for the sake of my faith in humanity, assume that you can all tell that you’ll want yarn and needles that let you knit in the round (plus the usual stuff you want for any knitting project like a darning needle to weave in your ends and scissors to cut your yarn and a stitch marker to keep track of the start of your round if you like to use those).

I used scraps of fingering/sport/dk weight in berry and cap colors. These are wee, so you only need a few dozen yards of each.

You’ll also want something to stuff your strawberry with. I used inexpensive wool roving, but if you like polyester stuffing better, that’s cool too. You could also use plastic pellets if you prefer, or even tiny scraps of yarn/fabric if you’re one of those noble people who saves those to use for such purposes.

Now for the funny bits.

Most of you will probably want beads (and the stuff you use to get beads on your knitting) and wire. I say most, because I always remind everyone it’s not safe to use beads or wire on anything you’re giving to kids or pets. But assuming you’re making these for adults, you can use them!

For beads, I used a couple dozen size 6 seed beads and a teeny tiny crochet hook (small enough to fit in the bead) to get them on my stitches. If you’re using thicker yarn, you might need larger beads. And if you have a different way you like to get beads on your stitches, you can totally do that instead! And for wire, I used about 18 inches of flexible wire (the sort they sell in craft stores).

Don’t worry, I’ll give you some options in the pattern if you don’t want to use beads or wire (if you’re not going to use beads, you’ll want a couple yards of yarn to embroider your seeds with, and if you’re not going to use wire, I’ll have you do a bit of extra blocking).

But, if you have a sudden suspicion you’re going to be cultivating your own strawberry patch, now’s the time to go raid the scraps bin for strawberry colors and maybe hit up the bead store for a tiny tube of something sparkly!

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