Monthly Reminder
Published On: January 29, 2024

The new year seems like a good time for a little reminder. I am strongly pro abortion. If that’s a problem for you, see yourself out.⁠

If you’re still here, I’m so glad! It’s wonderful to know how many of you share my feelings. Let me outline the three most important things I want to say about abortion:⁠

1) Abortions are good⁠

⁠Every month when I say this, someone clutches their pearls and asks how I can possibly say such a thing. The answer is that abortions are good in the same way that appendectomies or colonoscopies or chemotherapy are good. They are vital medical care. They improve the lives of people who need them. Medical care is good. Everyone should have access to medical care.⁠

2) Many states restrict abortion, more soon will⁠

Most American states restrict abortion access. New restrictions have gone into effect since Roe v Wade was overturned. More will go into effect this year. Federal restrictions are coming if the republicans do well this election cycle. You are not safe just because you live in a state with few current restrictions. No one is safe in a country that legislates away bodily autonomy.⁠

3) You can get abortion pills online⁠

Despite the restrictions, you have options. Abortion pills are safe & effective. You can order them online, even if you live in an area with an abortion ban. You can order them now, even if you’re not pregnant, and have them if you need them later. You can get them even if you can’t afford to pay for them. You can get pills from Aid Access, and you can find more about how to get them from Plan C Pills.⁠

Again, to those of you still here, to those of you who share my horror at what this country is doing, to those of you who want to find something to do to help, thank you. It’s amazing to know how many of you feel the same way.⁠

You make it possible for me make these donations and to share this information every month. ⁠And doing one tiny thing, every month, even in the face of this overwhelming situation, helps me stave off despair.⁠ I encourage you to find your one tiny thing (we’ll talk about some things you can do in future posts) and do it. Regularly.⁠

It helps.⁠ I promise.

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