Forthwith & Posthaste
Published On: February 6, 2024

You know how I said I can occasionally be convinced to bring some of the retired patterns back to stay? Yeah, well, these have been on my mental list of patterns that really do deserve to come back for a while now. They were only out for a few months before I changed everything up (so they never really got their chance to shine). They’re one of the most asked after retired patterns (I do try to keep track of what folks are asking about). And I am unspeakably proud of how that thumb goes together (no really, it’s clever and pretty and easy to do, which is exactly my jam).

So, since there’s quite a bit of cold weather left (at least where I am…if it’s sunny and 70 where you are, please just go ahead and assume I’m jealous and don’t rub it in), it seemed like the perfect time to bring them back.

The set is called Forthwith & Posthaste, and you can find it on ravelry or payhip. You can use the code EXPEDITIOUS in either of those places for 10% off through the end of the day Friday. Or, patrons at the Rampant Nonsense level get the pattern included as part of their membership.

Just to save you the math, it’s actually cheaper to join the patreon at the rampant Nonsense level for a month than to buy the pattern, even with the discount, and you get a whole bunch of other patterns too. Like the strawberries with the perfect little caps, and that gorgeous chunky hat with the clever faux cable that looks hard but isn’t, and the teeny tiny mittens, and the giant book of gorgeous paper stars. You can see the whole list here. Oh and someone always wonders, so you can totally cancel whenever you want, and any patterns you got while you were a member are yours, even if you cancel later.

But either way, I’m delighted to have these back out (and secretly looking forward to more folks getting to play with that thumb).

P.S. The patterns were initially available individually, but now they’re only available together in a set. But don’t worry, if had one of the pieces earlier, and now want the other, I’ve got you covered. I sent out updates to the individual patterns yesterday with a code to let you subtract the price of the individual pattern from the price of the set. Look for that update, it went to whatever email address you use with ravelry or payhip, and all the details are there!

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