Published On: February 8, 2024

This is, thanks to the limitations of space and time, the closest I can come to shoving this on your hand, having you woggle your wrist back and forth, and listening to you go oooooooh, swoooooopy.

Because the ‘oooooh, swoooopy’ bit is pretty much a given anytime anyone puts them on. The way they wrap around your hand is just too satisfying to do anything else.

And really…I designed the silly things. I knit them (twice). I drew the charts and wrote the instructions. And still every time I pick them up I go ‘wait, where does that thumb come from again?” Because it really is just that tidy and integrated and seamless. (Hint, you’re staring right at it on the first picture.)

And I know I probably shouldn’t be smug about it right out in public. But damn I love these. They’re called Posthaste, and I’m delighted they’re back out!

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