Terrifyingly Competent
Published On: February 21, 2024

Does brioche feel scary? If so, I have some good news…

First, a bit of confession. It felt scary to me at first too! I mean look at it, how could it not be a little scary? But, as with so many things, once you spend a little bit of time playing with it, it gets a lot less intimidating.

The thing that made it start making sense to me was realizing It’s Just Fancy Ribbing. No really, (most) brioche is knit/purl rib with some sneaky yarnovers/slip stitches tossed in for extra texture.

And yeah, as with most new things, it might feel a little weird in your hands the first few times you try it. But do you remember how weird all the other things your hands have learned to do have felt? I bet it felt weird the first time you tied your shoelaces. Or fastened a bra. Or picked up a cat. Or threaded a needle. Or typed on a phone screen. Or drove a car.

And can you even remember how unspeakably awkward it felt the first time you held knitting needles and yarn and tried to knit? And now I bet your hands just do it without much thought at all.

Because you and your hands are astonishingly clever. Just look at all the awesome things you’ve already learned how to do! You just have to be willing to sit in that uncomfortable place for a little bit while you learn. And yeah, it can feel funny, especially if you haven’t tried something new in a while. But you are terrifyingly competent and have a proven track record of learning new things. This is no different.

If you want some suggestions for how to learn on your own, I linked to the two resources I learned with on the pattern page. An hour or two with them will have you up and running. And if you like to learn in a slightly more structured setting, Little Skein Anne (that’s her gorgeous yarn making me yearn for spring) and Craft Doodling have put together an awesome intro to brioche course that will walk you through these pieces and hold your hand the whole way!

And, whether it’s brioche or something else entirely, allow me to encourage you to find something new to learn some time soon. It’s good to practice being being new at things. Good for your brain, and I truly think good for your soul. I bet you’ll have fun!

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