Published On: March 9, 2024

I’ve figured out the plan for these!⁠

We’ve been talking all week about how the thing my brain REALLY loves to do is come up with pretty stitches, and then come up with ways to work with them, to slide in an out of them, to shape fabric around them. How that’s a lot of what makes my designs look like my patterns.

We also talked recently about how this month marks the fifteen year anniversary of Popped, my very first pattern.

And quite a few of you playing along at home have noticed that the socks you saw last week are a new iteration of that pattern (which yes, will be out very soon), and that the hats you’ve seen this week use the same building blocks.

So I’ve decided I’m going to see about taking all of those various building blocks and putting them together into something you can use to go play on your own. That means taking the main stitch pattern, in four different widths, and ways to get into it, and ways to get out of it, and ways to decrease in it, and how to work it flat or in the round…and putting everything together in one place so you can mix and match and make your own magic.

And of course along the way I’ll walk you through an example of how I did that to make the hats, so you can make ones just like mine if you want.

But my hope is that you’ll take the pieces and come up with creations of your own. Because really, who can resist taking a pile of blocks and making something new!

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