Stack them up
Published On: March 19, 2024

Ok, I’m going to be Very Brave and show you some Very Not Pretty Pictures so I can excitedly explain the next weird idea…⁠

Remember when I talked about how the thing that I’ve come to really love in designs is letting all the bits of a piece flow nicely into one another? How that’s what makes a pattern feel like it clicks in my head? Well I’m working on a way to take all those various pieces and sort of…package them all up together as building blocks so you can play with them too!⁠

So these hats are taking those various pieces from the stitch pattern in Popped and stacking them up to make hats.* And I did hats, but you could also stack those same pieces up in different ways to make cowls or mitts or shawls or scarves or leg warmers or blankets or whatever else your heart desires.⁠

Because if you have all the pieces (ribbing, the main stitch pattern, ways to get in and out of the ribbing, ways to decrease), in a bunch of different sizes, both flat and in the round? Well…then you can put those pieces together in a whoooooole lot of different ways can’t you!⁠

I’m thinking of it as sort of an expansion pack for Popped. And it will totally have the pattern for the hats in there as an example of what you can do with the pieces! But my secret hope is that folks take the pieces and come up with all sorts of projects of their own.⁠

Because I mean really…that’s going to be a tremendous amount of fun!⁠

*(If you’re curious, the lines show the spots where the pieces stack up. On the solid purple hat, section 1 is the rib, 2 transitions from the rib to the main stitch pattern, 3 is (half of) the main stitch pattern, 4 transitions from the main stitch pattern back to rib, and 5 is decreases. On the gradient hat, 1 is the rib, 2 transitions from the rib to the main stitch pattern, 3 transitions back to rib, and 4 is decreases.)

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