No Fooling
Published On: April 1, 2024

Though largely immune to the charms of April Fools’ Day, I do make one exception. The tinier bits of nonsense are half off, but just for today (oh and a couple of my favorite retired tiny bits miiiiiight also have come back for the occasion, also just for today).

There is, alas, not a super great way to link you to all of them in one place.* But if you wander over to ravelry or payhip, I suspect you’ll be able to figure it out! Use NO FOOLING in either place. It’ll work through the end of the day (today, April 1), and it’ll work on pretty much everything that’s not intended to be worn by an actual human being.

And alas, before anyone asks, the bacon does not currently exist as a pattern. It’s something I made to practice brioche stitches on years ago, and I have been talking myself out of turning it into a proper pattern ever since.

But one of these days I’m going to need to give someone a cookbook, and I’m pretty sure that will require a strip of bacon as a bookmark, and then my resistance will shatter like perfectly prepared bacon (this…this might be why I don’t have a lot of friends). But that day has not yet come. So until then, I just use them to mark my more absurd moments!

Here’s hoping any pranks you encounter today are the nice kind. (And here’s an oh so very gentle reminder to double check anything outrageous you see online today, just to be safe.)

*Officially, the list is Bedeck, Belfry, Binding, Bookmarked, Chilled, Chimney, Concoction, Dispatch, Ensorcellment, Foghorn, Foraged, Foxed, Glazed, Gripping, Hatched, Hoard, Lather, Needled, Nestled, Palpitation, Peached, Preserves, Scintillation, Shiversome, Tethered, Toasted, Tufted, and Unspooled. But I am apparently too lazy to link to nearly thirty patterns, each in two different places, for a sale that will be over in less than twenty four hours. But really, if you go to ravelry or payhip and ask yourself  “is this a thing intended to be worn on a human body,” the code should work on pretty much everything where the answer is “no, absolutely not!”

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