Not a teabag
Published On: April 11, 2024

This…this is not a teabag. It was going to be! But there has been a change of plans.⁠

So the hat, even after blocking, even after staring at it from a distance while squinting, even after speaking to it as persuasively as possible, continued to be…not the best match of stitch pattern and yarn color.⁠ And I, even after many years of experience that should have taught me better, continue to be both alarmingly stubborn and highly susceptible to the sunk cost fallacy.⁠

So I figured I’d brew up a mouth-puckeringly strong pot of tea and chuck the hat in for a bit to see if I could mellow it out a bit.⁠

And then…then there happened to be an art supply store across the street from the taco joint I found myself at one lovely Sunday afternoon. And they happened to have a bunch of little jars of dye.⁠

And well…now I have a new plan. Wanna see how it goes?

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