Published On: April 13, 2024

Yup, yup that is unquestionably both a different color and a more solid color (the second pic shows the hat pre-dunk, the yarn in the first pic is the leftovers from the skein I knit with).

It is not, perhaps, the color I would have picked had I been given a magic wand and told to pick whatever I wanted. Nor is it precisely the color I was expecting. But it absolutely for sure is now much more solid and does a much better job of showing off the stitch pattern.

Quick run down of comments/questions from yesterday’s ig post. Yes, I followed the instructions on the dye company’s site and had an acid in there to make it all behave (I do generally at least peruse the instructions, it helps me decide which ones to follow and which to ignore). Yes, it was too much dye (but yes, the hat did get to the point where it was rinsing clean). Yes, I totally threw some other stuff in the pot once the hat came out to make use of it (wanna see?). Yes, I used a pot that’s no longer in kitchen rotation (ya gotta keep the science pots separate from the snacking pots).

Overall, I am calling it a qualified success. It probably still would have been better to just switch to a different yarn when I started to realize I wasn’t loving the yarn/pattern pairing. But it kept feeling like it miiiiiiiight calm down. And by the time I realized it wasn’t going to, it seemed silly to rip a nearly finished hat. And dyeing it didn’t come out quite the color I expected it to (I thought it would be more pink and less red). But it absolutely did even out the intense variegation that was making me not like it. Plus it was fun, so bonus points for that.

Though…it does leave me casting a minatory eye over a few other bits and pieces in the closet and/or stash. I suspect I am not done dyeing things.

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