Published On: May 14, 2024

Clasped is out, and I should probably warn you away. I should probably tell you not to make one of these. In fact, yes, let me just go ahead and officially warn you against making them right at the start.

Because once you make one, you’re almost certainly going to want to make another. And once you show someone else what you’ve made, you’re almost certainly going find yourself getting all sorts of longing looks or hints or outright requests to make more. Now to be fair, these are easy requests to say yes to (the knitting is simple and they make great use of the bits in your scraps bin). But there’s every chance you don’t have time for a new obsession right now, in which case it’s probably best not to start.

Because once you’ve knit one, I suspect you’ll find yourself realizing how handy it would be to have another. You know, for your notions, or your dice, or your headphones, or your glasses, or your favorite rocks, or to keep some stickers in your purse to deploy as needed, or maybe to give someone a little surprise.

So yes, it’s probably best if you don’t ever knit the first one. Safer at least. You can’t find yourself knitting your sixth or your seventh or your tenth one if you never do the first one. And we wouldn’t want you to be overcome…Though if you’re determined to risk it, you can use the code SNAP for a little something off on either ravelry or payhip through Friday (if you get mail from me, go check that first, you’ll have something else waiting for you). Really though, be sure you know what you’re getting into. You’ve been warned!

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