Published On: May 20, 2024

See, this is where the difficulty arises. The buddy on the needles had been intended to be the final friend. But he’s not quite the right color for the beads (and I would have wanted to start adding beads a little earlier in the knitting process anyway).

So now he can’t be the last one, because clearly I need one with beads.

But this dude was to have been the seventh urchin. And seven is a lovely number. Eight…less so. For whatever reason, eight of something will be harder to arrange in photos than seven (and will not be as chill in my head…and also will not be as amusing given what the name of this pattern is likely to be…though I fully admit those are fairly arbitrary reasons).

So probably I need to knit two more.

Tell me you understand.

Tell me having nine small knitted sea urchins is not so very odd as to disqualify one from polite society. Or that perhaps it is…but that polite society is overrated anyway.

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