Lots of Business, Very Little Knitting
Published On: June 26, 2009

Pardon the uncharacteristic quiet. My non-knitting life has been intruding to an entirely unjustified degree on my knitting. I’m in the final week of a 6 month project and busy writing my little graduate student heart out. By the time I’ve met my writing quota for the day my arms ache too much to knit. This does little to help my overall mental well being.

However, this lack of actual does not mean that there is no knitting news.

I’ve got a few interesting collaborations coming up over the next year.  Some have been confirmed, and some are still being hammered out.  Looking at the confirmed plans and taking them in chronological order:

  • I’ll be designing a sock for a mystery sock knit along for the Solid Socks Group (rav link) on Ravelry.  I’ll be using one of The Yarnarina’s lovely yarns.  The pattern comes out in about 3 installments over the course of October.  It will be available for free during the knit along, and I’ll post more information about how to sign up for it as we get closer to the date.
  • I’ll be designing another sock for Gaia’s Colours new Yarn Club.  The pattern will be a club exclusive, and should come out in February.  I’m not sure quite how much information I can give away just yet, but I will say more as we get closer in.  For now, I’ve got the yarn in my hands, and I can say with absolute certainty that these will be some marvelous feeling socks, just the thing to ward off the February blues.
  • And finally, I’ll be designing yet another sock (really, it’s just about all I knit) for a newly announced sock and fingerless glove club offered by From Robin’s Nest.  I’ll be doing the pattern for Summer, out of a yarn custom dyed for the club by The Craft’s Meow.

Details on all three partnerships as well as how you can get the patterns (including the free one in October) will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.  I’ll be back with thoughts on the questions I asked in the last post in a day or two.  For now, I have to go ice my arms before my hands fall off from too much typing.  I think that would really slow down the sock prodcution rate.

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