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Published On: June 28, 2009

As promised, the rest of the news.

First, I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be designing a sock for another yarn/pattern club.  This one is a little different.  There is a theme – Wicked Women – and it’s a joint effort.  It’s a three installment club with an exclusive yarn and a specially designed pattern shipping out every other month from September to January.  Mine will be the January sock.  All the details are over at the Yarnarina’s page.  Go sign up before the spaces run out!

Next, the questions I asked earlier and their answers.  It was great to read your thoughts, especially on the issue of combination packs.  The consensus seems to be that deals are great, but that I should try not to penalize those that have already bought the patterns by making them re-buy things to get new socks.  That sounds like a totally valid concern, and I’ll probably lean towards offering a buy x get y for free deal rather than tying an exclusive pattern to the purchase of a group of other patterns.  As for the comments, we didn’t quite reach the number I was hoping for to do a giveaway.  I think what I’ll do is save the email addresses of those of you kind enough to answer and put them in future drawings for goodies.  I have entirely more yarn that I can use, and I’d rather give it away than have it go to waste, so there will be giveaways in the future.

3669378095_6a3fa1dbd2_bOn the knitting front, things are, alas, slow.  The real (or at least non-knitting) world is continuing to demand my time, and my arms are limiting the amount of knitting I can do without pain.  The big project is done on Wednesday though, and I plan to indulge in some knitting to celebrate its completion.  However, I did get The Boy to model the current socks and let me take pictures of them (his comment – you want me to put them on the ground?  Outside? But they’re hand knit socks!  I have an awesome Boy.)  Here’s a peek, and wow is it easier to take a picture of someone else’s feet than of your own.

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