Clickity Click
Published On: July 6, 2009

3694272248_99c60d0bd3Propitiate is almost done.  They need a few more hours of knitting, Wednesday is the goal.  The real question is how much does having them finished matter?  Is it ok to release a pattern that just shows one finished sock, or do you prefer to see both of the socks finished in the pictures included in a pattern?  They have been finished by a whole slew of test knitters, so I am confident that the pattern works.  It’s just a matter of finding the time to finish my own pair and then getting them on The Boy’s feet for a photo shot while the sun still shines.

The Pedigreed pattern has been revamped and is back out with testers.  It should hopefully be out some time in August.  Thanks for being patient while they got reworked, and for the continued interest in them.  I’ll let you know how they’re coming along.

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