Mystery Knit Along
Published On: October 1, 2009

The first part of my first mystery knit along pattern is up. It can be found here.  The discussion thread for the project is here.  Those are both Ravelry links.  The pattern is currently (and will likely remain) available only on Ravelry.  If you’re not signed up yet, shame on you.  There’s no longer a waiting list, so you have no excuse.  The next three parts of the pattern will come out over the next three weeks at roughly one week intervals.

You’ll note there is no picture in the pattern (hence the mystery bit).  The truth is, I don’t have a picture of the the exact sock in the pattern, because I made a few changes during the testing and revision process.  That means my sock isn’t exactly the same as the sock in the pattern (though of course my testers knit the one in the pattern, don’t be scared, I wouldn’t put it out untested).  It also means that I’m on the hunt for an ‘official’ picture for this sock — a picture I can use in the final version of the pattern (the one with all the instructions as opposed to the partial ones being doled out over the next few weeks) and on the Ravelry page for the pattern.  So, I’ll be paying special attention to the pictures people post of these socks.  If you make them and take a really good picture, I may be in touch to ask your permission to use your picture (I wouldn’t use anyone’s picture without permission of course, and if I use yours I will give you credit for your work).

The next pattern to come out will be another featuring one of the lovely yarns I got to design with at Sock Summit.  More information and a call for testers in the next post.

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