Filthy Lies
Published On: October 7, 2009

I know I promised information about a new sock pattern in this post.  Not only have I kept you waiting a shamefully long time, but it turns out I was full of lies about that new pattern bit.  There is a new pattern (there are actually several) and I will natter on about it shortly, but something else simply must be discussed first.

gaimanThat something is the illustrious Mr. Neil Gaiman and his astonishing proximity to my socks.  I have photographic proof (and yes this is a shameless homage to Madam Harlot and her traveling photogenic socks – good ideas are meant to be stolen).  Mr. Gaiman spoke this Sunday at a branch of my local library.  Cleveland (and Ohio in general) has a fantastic library system, but this time they outdid themselves.

Despite still having a bit of a cold, Mr. Gaiman read from both Odd and the Frost Giants and The Graveyard book (both delightful), and took two rounds of questions from the audience.  He followed the discussion with a signing, and was still quite cheerful an hour and a half into it when I made my way to get to the the front of the line.  Instead of having a book signed, I asked if I could take a picture of him with my sock.  I figured it wouldn’t take any longer than getting a signature, and would be ever so much more entertaining.  The woman who was helping to direct the line was a bit flummoxed (she seemed concerned about the needles) but Mr. Gaiman simply asked “will it explode?” and then struck a pose.  Completely charming.  I assured him it wouldn’t (hopefully without babbling too much) and proceeded to blind him with the flash of my camera.  Oops.

More about that new sock next time (and I might even mean it this time).  Also, for those playing along at home the second part of Crenellation is live.

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