Published On: May 5, 2010

There’s a new project on the needles, and for once it’s not a secret. I’m making socks with Slackford Studio’s lovely Hedonist yarn, and I’m free to blab about them all I want. I just seem to be unable to remember to get a picture. It’s rather hard to say much about a sock without a picture to back it up.  Rest assured that they are underway (I’ve just started the heel flap) and that they will be making an appearance soon.

The weather here has been suspiciously perfect, and these socks have been knit largely on the patio.  Every now and then though, I have to put the knitting down to pursue other activities.  After much study, I have determined that knitting and s’mores don’t mix.  S’mores are best made at a fire (strike one).  Fires are best had in the dark (strike two).  Marshmallows exposed to fire are likely to become either sticky melty goo bombs or flaming projectiles in short order (strike three).  Knitting safety protocol dictates I not knit under these circumstances.

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