Published On: May 11, 2010

Proof I’m here, proof I’m knitting, and (alas) proof that my yard is a bit shaggy.

These are made with the lovely Hedonist Sock, which is a marvelous merino cashmere nylon mix.  I’ve used this blend of materials before (in Brigid, Graupel, and Slant) and always enjoy it.  It’s very comfortable to work with and seems to hold up well even after repeated washings.

The blend does pose just a bit of a challenge to design with though.  It tends to be…soft.  I don’t mean soft to the touch (though it certainly is that), but soft as in the opposite of crisp.  I’ve found that m/c/n yarns often have just the slightest hint of fuzziness about them, sort of a subtle halo.  This means that both very lacy patterns and intricate cables tend to get a bit lost.  Textural patterns, on the other hand, show up marvelously.  These take full advantage of this characteristic.  As soon as it dries out a bit, I’ll try and take a picture of them on my feet.  For now, the blocker will have to do.

P.S.  These are now up for testers if anyone is itching to make them right now.

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