Hit the Beach
Published On: September 12, 2010

Since we had driven up the western side of the Cabot Trail on Thursday, we thought we’d check out the eastern side on Friday.  Before we set out, we took advantage of the clear weather and the dock at our cabin to take the final photos of Socky.  He very much enjoyed his dip, he encountered no sea monsters, and he was promptly rinsed out (salt water not being good for wool) as soon as we went back inside.

The highlight of the drive was Black Brook Beach.  Now it seems that ‘beach’ means something a bit different around these parts than what I’m used to.  If you click on that link up there for the official Canadian Park picture of the beach, you’ll see there’s a wee bit of sand and rather a lot of rocks.  What might not be clear is that to take that picture, you have to get to the top of a waterfall.  Specifically, that waterfall in my picture over there on the left.

Now in order to get to that waterfall you have to clamber (and I really do mean clamber…the sort that takes both feet, both hands, a good sense of balance, and an abiding willingness to sit down on your butt and scoot when the going gets tough) over a rather large pile of rocks.  They’re in that picture over there on the right.  Now what that picture perhaps doesn’t convey is that those rocks are wet.  Wet rocks are slippery.  These rocks were also fairly well covered with more than a few varieties of plants and animals.

I, being a sensible sort, left the alarmingly large travel purse in the car (carrying a purse throws off your balance and uses up one of your hands) and made the climb in tightly strapped sandals.  The Boy, being possessed by the spirit of a deranged mountain goat, did it barefoot.  Somehow he still managed to climb up a bit higher than I did.  I feel rather slighted, but I’m blaming it on my strong sense of self preservation.

For those keeping track at home, the stick of astonishing keenness mentioned earlier came from this beach, and it will make another appearance in this tale shortly.

Don’t forget today is the last day to enter to win the lovely Handwerks yarn used in Gramercy.  I’ll announce the winner early in the week.

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