Drumroll Please
Published On: September 13, 2010

And the winner is Christine!  Check out her lovely socks, I know she’ll put the yarn to good use.  I’ve sent off an email to ask for a mailing address.  And to answer her question, the Sock Plus 8 is a bit more tightly twisted than SG Bugga, and the Bugga is a bit softer and fuzzier.  They’re about the same thickness, and both come in drop dead gorgeous colors.  I’d be happy to use either (and both are going to be in the book), and think they’d likely work for a lot of the same patterns.

And to everyone who entered, thank you so much for all your nice comments!  People seem to really like this pattern, and I’m thrilled by the reception.  I can’t wait to start seeing it knit up.

The whole time I was making them, I kept thinking they would look stunning as black knee highs.  I’ve got long legs, and I’m very very lazy, so I couldn’t quite bring myself to make my own.  The lace pattern is unusually stretchy though, so I think it would likely work well.  If you’re interested, I’d suggest making the cuff and the portion of the sock that is over your calf muscle with a slightly larger needle and then going down to the regular needle for the lower part of your leg and foot.  If anybody does end up doing it (in any color of course), send me pictures.  I’ll totally send a wee present to whoever first sends me pics of a completed pair!

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