Tick Marks
Published On: November 4, 2010

The good thing about a fit of profligate casting on is that you can have a whole host of projects that are mere minutes from completion.  Last night I finished off the socks for Heather’s book.  I can’t show you much, but I can give you a tiny peek of the toes just to prove they’re done (still wet, still on the blockers, but done).  They’re in Briar Rose’s Grandma’s Blessing in…um…a lovely blue/brown/green color the name of which is forever lost to me as it isn’t listed on the tag.  It’s also from one of their 450 yard put ups (as opposed to the 600 yard style they do now).  I got it at the 2009 Great Lakes Fiber Show and this was the perfect project for it.  I got three of their skeins at that show, and this is the second one I’ve used.  The other was for Propitiate, which means that they’ve both been used in socks for The Boy.  The third skein has been earmarked for something for me.  Every time I see Propitiate, I’m impressed by how well they’ve held up and how the fabric just gets better with washing.  I want some too!

Next up, finish the tentacle, hat, birthday socks, neck warmer, zombie socks, and swirly socks.  That ‘On The Needles’ section over there is getting way too long.  This is why I usually only knit one or two things at a time…I don’t like the menacing glare of a looming list.  One stitch at a time, right?

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