Uncharacteristically Productive
Published On: December 20, 2010

Finished things have just been falling off my needles.  I blame the hats.  They themselves are quick and easy, and they lead to mitts which are also quick and easy.  The basket that usually holds the half dozen or so projects in various stages of completion currently holds a mere two works in progress and a stack of things awaiting a photo day.  (Having a knitting site and selling patterns means that you don’t just have to finish a knitted item before you can use it, you have to finish it and photograph it.  This can be very taxing if you’re a fan of immediate gratification.)

Truckle, the red hat and wrist warmers (henceforth to be called Involute), and the as-of-yet-unnamed-jellyfish-turned-hat are all awaiting photos.  Jellyfish hat now has matching…hmm, what do we call these?  Mitts?  Or do you need a thumb to be a mitt?  Wristlets?  Gauntlets?  Whatever…decorative bits of yarn based fluff intended to adorn and warm your wrists.  Some time real soon now I need to get hands, heads, knitting, daylight, a reasonably picturesque backdrop, and a camera together at the same place at the same time and take some photos done so I can start using all of these goodies.

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